“Dear Jamie I am writing to say a BIG thank you for choosing us to have a room plastered, it meant allot to my mum too, to see something good come out of difficult times that we’ve had we really really appreciate what you have done for us.”

Mrs J Carthew & Family

“I just wanted to write you a letter to say a big thank you for the plastering you did for me, it has meant so much to me and will be great to have an extra room we can actually use. I think what you have done for me and what you’re offering members of the public is a wonderful opportunity. I hope that you may continue to offer your help to others who I know will appreciate it like me. It’s wonderful to meet Jamie who is vibrating so much positive energy. I wish you all the luck in the world.”

Mrs A Kingston

“I don’t know how to say thank you or what it means to me what you did, but i will try for a very long time I was trying to find finances to fix the house, it was a blessing you come to my rescue, it’s not just the material aspect that’s benefiting but it’s the psychological, emotional and spiritual effect that the project you do can have on people.

My close family & friends can see the difference in me and how much better I feel in myself as I’m now motivated to forget about the bad things and go forward, It really did mean the world to me what you and the boys done… more than you’ll ever know. I pray that you continue your project then other people will be very fortunate and blessed.”

Ms B Danter

“I’m writing on my parents’ behalf just to say a real big thank you for your help and understanding in our time of trouble. The only way I can sum up what I feel is you have restored a massive ammount of faith in me, faith that had been taken away from me for various reasons.

I’m not just thanking you for the work which you have done but also giving me hope in people again and that not all are out for themselves. I suppose you did sprinkle a little bit of magic over a real turbulant, emotional and traumatic time… So from myself, Jean, my Dad Ray and my Mum Nina – THANK YOU Jamie and god bless you.”

Alan & family, Llanelli

“I am fortunate enough to be good friends with Jamie & his amazing girlfriend Emma. What an amazing couple, they are genuine, hardworking and wonderful people to be around. If anyone deserves happiness it’s Jamie & Emma. Wishing you all the health and happiness in the world. Love you both xxxx”

Donna, Swansea