National challenge

If so, then this is a call to arms, this is a challenge, and the gauntlet is being laid down!! I hope you accept it!
I want to take the ETSETH project National, i want peoples homes being renovated all over the country, i want peoples lives being changed all over this island, i want the GREAT to be put back into Britain.. We may be broke, but we are not broken, we may be beat, but we are not beaten! We CAN make a difference, we CAN make a change!!! And i want this to have a ripple effect across the nation.. So if you want to take up the ETSETH challenge, then please contact me on the contact page to let me know!

We are in tough times all over the country, all over the globe in fact. Never before have economical times been this harsh, and on so many. People would think that it’s common for many to suffer from hunger, poverty, depression, lost faith or lost hope, in places like africa, haite, or india, but this stuff is happening in our cities, in our towns, down our streets, and on our doorsteps! And in britain in 2012, this is NOT acceptable.
But regardless of how bad the economy is, who’s not doing what, who should be doing what, and what our views are on how the country could, or should be run, one thing remains within our control…And that is WE can do OUR bit, to help others! Whatever our talent is, whatever our skills are, we can use them in the most positive and productive way to help our neighbours, community and even strangers!
For example, are you a hairdresser? Now i know that monday/tuesday- saturday are manic for you guys, but if you gave up an hour or two during the week, or even at the weekend, you could change peoples lives..If you know of a low-income or single parent family that lives down your street, knock on their door, introduce yourself, say can you come in for a cup of tea, and you’ll cut the hair of their kids while you’re there. You will save that family around £15, and you can buy allot of food with that, you will literally stop a family going hungry!!! And thats a fact! it’s impact is as big as it is simple.
It can be done with every profession..
If you’re a green grocer, make up a little bag of basics for a family that struggles, that comes in to your shop, and give it to them for free. Just smile, say “this is for you” hand it over, and walk away!!
EVERY profession can do this…..Help others where and when you can, with what you know or what you have, so you do not have to go outside your comfort zone!!

GRATITUDE..Do you have it???
Being grateful for something, and knowing that you’re very lucky to have it, is an amazingly powerful force.. Some people would only be grateful if thay had a major financial windfall, or win mega prizes in a competition ect… But the true power lays in being grateful for the simple things, the little things, the things that really matter!
Like..Did you wake up in a bed this morning? If so, then you should be grateful. i did a project for a 15 year old girl who was sleeping on a camp bed mattress..We sorted her out with a new bed! And the difference it made to her was phenomonal! Do you sit down to lovely warm meal each night? Iv’e done projects for people who are literally starving! be grateful for the “fridge that keeps your food cool, the “oven” that cooks your food, the “taps” that bring you water, the bed you sleep in, the food you eat..the list is endless.
Be grateful for the small things, then you will start to see some BIG changes in your everyday lives!
Have an “ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE” and see what happens!

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