John & Barbara, port mead

John is barbs full-time carer, due to Barb suffering with severe cancer.. She was told 3 years ago that she had 6 months to live because of breast cancer, she fought that, beat it and cracked on. A year and a half ago she was given the news that the cancer had returned, but was now in her spine, coxis and femur. The battle again was ON! This is why John has a fulltime job in caring for his beloved wife.
The house itself has severe damp coming in, and that isn’t good at the best of times, but because of Barbs condition, it wasn’t ideal at all. So we got scaffolding set up, hacked off the entire outside of the house, applied waterproofed scratch coat of render, then top coated in smooth coat of render, then finished it off painted in white!
This whole project was helped out by the “OSPREYS” rugby team coming out and hacking off the render with us! Thanks lads.
Barb loved the outcome, and said that she is “so proud to walk up her path now” And will keep out the nasty damp, and that is priceless!