My Inspiration

When i first started my project, i thought i’d been through enough tough times to inspire me to help others forever! I couldn’t of been any more wrong…..
My inspiration and hunger to help people has intensified, the need to help even more people has recently been given a kick start to higher levels, and the person that has given me the need to do all i can for those in need has turned out to be my nephew, “Connor Charles Edward Saunders” or “Flocka” to those closet to him.
On the evening of saturday April 14th 2012, Connors life was taken through an unprovoked attack from a 14 year old boy, he sustained head injuries equal to being in a car crash, and all this was because he tried to break up a verbal altercation. As you can imagine, the pain that the family has suffered because of this is unexplainable, and we all know that life will never be the same again, the pain will never go, we’ll never get justice, and time will never ever heal. What we do know is that we have to honour his memory the best we can, and live life as he would want us too, but above all else, carry on his fantastic work.
Connor’s personality, character and nature was as close to perfection as you could get, unbelievably giving, kind, genourous, non judemental, warm and well mannered, all this without any malice in his body!
We as a family learnt allot from him when he was “sleeping” on his bed, none more so than the fact that at aged 16 he signed the “gift of life” organ donation register, and after 2 weeks of him falling asleep, we received the news that he had saved 5 lives, and we could not of been any more proud!
This is just the tip of the iceberg of who he was, and what he was about, if you want to find out more, please visit and become truely inspired!
You will then see why i have a received this unique and special inspiration, and you will then realise why this project is dedicated to him, and why it’s powered by his “Helping Hand”
Connor, missing you is my hobby, being like you is my mission, to make you proud is my purpose, and loving you is my job!
You truly were an earth angel, and whilst you were here, you truly were a king amongst men.. My love for you will never ever deminish, but will only get stronger as each day begins, love and blessings to you C-Bear.. 5 is Alive XXXXX

cuddling my C-bear xxxxx