Frankie’s aboard

In the light of so much negative press about my mate frankie Coco.. I would like to let people know about the real Mr cocozza…
Iv’e known him since he was 6 years old, he’s best mates with two of my nephews, and a very dear family friend! He has always shown nothing but kindness, good manners and consideration whenever he’s been in the company of my family, and that is the Frankie i know and love!
What people have to realize is, in the cloak and dagger world of these “instant fame” shows, where “ratings” are THE main objective on producers minds, there will be things blown out of proportion, things over elaborated, and just flat out LIES told to get those “ratings” (trust me..if only you knew)
Due to some of the things that were shown and said about Frank, he has had to endure some horrific and vile stick being thrown his way, but he has shown what a strong character he is by taking it on the chin, and cracking on…I was over the moon that peoples perspective of him was changed during his stint in CBB!!
But things that Frankie is not known for is things like supporting ETSETH, and the time both my nephews (connor & Callum) and Frankie came up to help me with one of the makeovers! I even contacted the papers to let them know about what it was they were doing, but they didn’t want to know!!! I guess it’s true what they say “Scandal sells” And it’s a shame that in todays society, people would rather spread the bad, nasty and negative, as oppossed to lifting spirits with the good!!!
ETSETH is here to change that!
Thankyou Coco.. blessings to you brother!!